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7 Tips to Shield Kids Eyes Along with Kid’s Blue Light Glasses

Holidays have gone by, but many homes are filled with new and exciting digital devices with different games and apps. Kids of all ages have just got a blast learning new exciting things from devices. If there are kids in your home and they are spending enough time in front of the latest gadgets, give them kids blue light glasses. Besides, take a moment to estimate how much time they are spending on screen. Furthermore, are they complaining that their eyes are hurting while spending time with their exciting gadgets? Let’s concentrate on what is digital strain and are its side effects.

What Is Eye Strain?

Kid Blue Light Glasses

Although new devices like smartphones, TVs, and tablets can offer you the best entertainment and explore some amazing things. Do you have any idea that they are affecting your vision as well? So, looking at a digital screen can lead to blur vision, itchy eyes, burning eyes, irritated, and lazy eyes. This situation of eyes is called digital eye strain or sometimes, it is known as computer vision syndrome. Other signs of digital strain are including.

  • Trouble in focusing
  • Eye fatigue
  • Shoulder pain
  • Words dancing on the screen

Although digital eye strain has become a global issue and it is happening mostly in kids. This is because children get smartphones at a younger age, and they are using them for the maximum time, so they are hurting more. Their entire system is underdeveloped, and therefore, these symptoms have seen more in children as compared to adults.

  1. Don’t Ban the Devices, Look at The Solution:

No doubt, digital devices are excellent tools for attaining education and spending spare time. Children cannot set their limitations by themselves, and therefore, the adults must take responsibility. Keep in conversation with them about the side effects of the electronics devices on their eyes and health. It is an adult duty to provide detailed awareness about the eye strain how it is hurting the eyes of the children. Children under two years should not use digital screens, and above that age, they should not spend their spare time more than two hours per day. Apply few tips to prevent their eyes from eye strain.

  • Control Their Screen Time:

According to some optometrists, it is vital to keep checking on children, and they should care about how they are feeling. But keep remember, they are unable to describe their condition to you. They perhaps are getting the experience of dry eyes, but they don’t know how to describe their situation. Therefore, most children when they have some issue, cannot explain it to their parents. Because sometimes, they might think as they are feeling, the entire world will be feeling like that. So, parents need to understand their situation and ask in detail what they are feeling.

  • Big is good: 

Well, it is usual that most children stick with their belly size screen and even at a very close distance. This is because to clear the images of the video, they close their screen to their eyes. After some time, their eyes need to work hard when they hold something very close to their eyes. Therefore, a bigger screen is a good idea for kids so that they can easily watch their favorite video at a far distance that couldn’t hurt their eyes.

  • Right Setting:

According to a statement, the setting of the screen should be in the right place because if the screen is causing eye strain, it can also lead to neck pain. For example, chairs should be comfortable, card games and the screen should place at arm’s length. The height of the screen should match the eyes level because the wrong angle can lead to pain after some time.

  • Set Boundaries for The Screen Time:
Blue Light Glasses for Kids

Although this is an extremely hard one for all parents to limit screen time for the kids. According to the optometrist association, children at the age of two shouldn’t see the screen at any cost. Besides, for the children who are at the age of two to five, half an hour per day is enough time. Furthermore, the child who is older at the age of five to eighteen years, their suggested time shouldn’t exceed two hours. These time recommendations are suggested by the eye care professional for the kids.

  • Get Enough Breaks:

Apart from the limited screen time, a parent must encourage their kids to stay away from the screen for half an hour and send them for a small break. You must send them to any place where there are no more digital devices like outdoor activities. Kids are addicted to electronic devices, and you need to keep away from the devices. Electronic devices are made for the progress of the world not to make a big problem for health. Besides, encourage children to wear kids blue light glasses while using screen time so that their eyes remain safe during screen time.

  • Go for Outside:

Indeed, the outside environment is helpful for the health of a kid’s vision. Most people consider nearsightedness is occurred in kids because of increasing screen time. But they have no idea, not to link with the outside environment for kids is also the cause of myopia. This is because natural light is also greatly favorable for kids’ eyes.

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